Breakfast, lunch, siesta, tapas, dinner

What’s better than 3 meals a day? 4! 5! 6.. okay you see where I’m going with this. Some things that Spanish people seem to do the best is relax, enjoy and eat. So obviously I needed to go to Spain. I’ve been to Madrid before, and the tapas was amazing, I remember this soup called salmorejo, which was so amazing I could’ve licked the bowl.

This time I decided to go to Barcelona. Barcelona seemed perfect due to combining both a city and a beach holiday. Although lets be honest, I am not a beach person and the two hours trying to pretend I am was hard! Its something about having sand everywhere, and uncomfortable unflattering laying positions that doesn’t quite do it for me. Aaanyway, Barcelona did offer other amazing things, such as beautiful architecture and food.

I’d say one of my favourite things was the quantity in terms of food. Maybe I just got lucky, but whenever I ordered something, I could not finish it – the portions were very generous! I also liked how there was a food market, super market, corner store EVERYWHERE!

I think my top tips for Barcelona would be:

  1. Try local food, but be careful if you’re having pinxtos (small food on cocktail sticks) which have been outside for  awhile – especially if its seafood.
  2. Be vigilant, there are pickpockets and people pretending to be lost and asking for directions to distract you – my bumbag was a lifesaver.
  3. Try keeping up with the local time, we went out on the first day at 3pm and thought where is everyone?! Everyone was having a siesta – as we should have done too!
  4. Gracia – an area that was hyped to me was really not worth it
  5. …on the other hand Poble Sec a street full of restaurants was amazing!
  6. La Boqueiria market was amazing, but again be careful for pickpockets
  7. Bunkers de Carmel – a old war bunker area which you can climb up to had the best views of the city.
  8. People in Barcelona are super friendly, so don’t be put off by the “they hate tourists there” comments – maybe they do – but I didn’t notice that at all!
  9. The Hola BCN travel card was an amazing way to get around the whole city, including the airport transfer. There are cards for 1day, 2days, 3days etc. My three day card was 22euros.
  10. The metro was confusing at times, so always check which direction the metro is going by checking the last stop.

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