Mowgli – Liverpool

Over Easter I went for a long weekend to Liverpool. My main aim was to relax, eat loads of food and…eat some more!

I was lucky to have a long list of recommendations on where to eat, and the number 1 option I chose for the first night was Mowgli. 

Mowgli describes itself as serving the food that Indians eat at home and on their streets. This was enough to get me booking in a good 3 weeks in advance (OCD planner – sorry!). As I said in my previous post I don’t usually have Indian food out, but since this is street food I thought it might be just what I crave and what I can’t buy out of any Tescos meal deals or what my mom wouldn’t necessarily make!

Well this recommendation got a “Oh My God” reaction, it was not only one of the prettiest restaurants I’ve been too without feeling like you’re under dressed, but the waiters and waitresses were lovely, service was great, the bill made me blink twice and the food was delicious.

Find the menu: *click*

We ordered:

  • gunpowder chicken
  • mowgli paneer
  • mother butter chicken
  • temple dahl
  • rice
  • puris
  • mango lassis

I can say I honestly loved all of it, not too spicy, which is perfect for this coconut. The texture was crunchy, chewy, soft and meaty all at once. It was presented in a tiffin box tower – love! Even the mango lassi was perfect, and I do not even like mango lassis.

The price for all that + tip was about £35.

Only negative..there isn’t a branch in London. Boo!


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