Khan’s Indian Restaurant

By the lack of posts in November you would think I was on a diet, but alas no such luck I have eaten a lot and not managed to post due to new job, new gym and a holiday!

I have few posts saved up, soon to come a Christmas market post! But before that lets go back a few weeks to when I went to Khan’s.

I am extremely picky with Indian/Bengali restaurants, having a Bengali mum at home who’s food was the talk of the town growing up has left expectations of fellow brown food very high! As a child we went over to a family friends get together, and in the dinner table I whispered (I HOPE I WHISPERED) to my mum “I will eat at home”. Sassy since 1994 I tell you.

Anyway, back to Khans! This was a recommendation by my friend’s boss who is Asian himself so I felt a little more assured. I called to book a table, but the friendly guy on the phone told me it was not necessary – and he was right although the restaurant was quite full we were seated immediately.

The menu was versatile, and I would say that it had a good selection of meat and vegetarian food (Indian restaurants almost always do since vegetables are a staple!). I did most of the picking, but my friend had a request of paneer (cheese) being definitely on the list of our order. We ended up ordering: samosas, chicken tikka, paneer tikka, chicken dhansak, and two garlic nan-breads.

We received our food quickly, with a complimentary salad.

The samosas were tasty, not too small not too big. The chicken tikka was my favourite, perfect texture and nice and smokey like tikka should be. Paneer..was a little bit of an disappointment – okay tasting but the pieces were a little too big and it would have tasted nicer had they been chopped smaller to let the spices infuse properly. I loved the dhansak, although I thought it was too spicy (I am a terrible brown person) and the garlic nans were amazing!

All in all, it was good food, fast and friendly service and the cheque didn’t surprise us as the prices were quite reasonable.

So if you’re looking for a hygienic, reliable and tasty curry – try Khans in Bayswater.


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