Sappho Meze Bar

The first time I had a meal out in London which was not take-away was Sappho Meze Bar – Greek place in Clapham North, hidden away, not really impressive looking from outside..but definitely an experience worth the while!

Sappho’s does not have a menu. Yep, you heard me. Huge chalkboards cover the two walls of the narrow restaurant and on one of them you have the option to choose between the meat or vegetarian meze for £13.50 each and on the other board, you have drinks options. That is it, no explanation of what mezes are included or anything!

By the time you’ve sat down and glanced at the menu the owner will have approached you and filled you in with Greek wisdom and filo parcels of heavenly treats and a plate of veges/olives. This is followed by a bowl of soup, we went for the meat option so we had a nice simple chicken soup. After this when you’re already quite content, comes the glory of mezes. I don’t think we counted how many we got, but let’s just say more than 6 different types of mezes and a loaf of bread. My favourites included the taramasalata, hummus, buttery garlic mushrooms and aubergine in this tomato-y sauce.

By this time I had done my restaurant party trick –  i.e. unbuttoned my jeans because there is realistically no chance I would be able to fit in any more food after the mezes. But since I had been there before I knew that the main was still coming! The main was chicken wings (usually it is chicken but not as wings rather as breast pieces), potatoes, succulent lamb, rice with peas and salad.

Since I had already been here once before, I knew the food was lovely and for £13.50 each, it was a bargain! Even with a bottle of coke, it as £15 each only?! But what makes my Sapphos experience whole is the service. The owner makes sure you not only are enjoying the food but are finishing it! He also told us about which ingredients were good for the immune system and where everything originated from.

Definitely worth a try and do not let the exterior turn you away!


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