So anyone who has looked at my Instagram or read my posts or simply talked to me knows my love for Korean food. I already listed the three that I have been to, which I quite liked. But now I found a new one – Bibimbap!

This place I pass every day on my way to work, and since the name is literally the name of my favourite Korean dish I have been very tempted to go in during one of my lunch breaks, but afraid of the queues I waited until the weekend.

The restaurant itself was simple in decoration, some frames on the wall and pastel coloured tables, nothing extravagant like Bibigo for example. The waiters and waitresses were really sweet, answered my stupid questions with a smile on their faces.

We ordered the bibimbap, Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) with kimchee mayo (!!) and sweet chilli sauce and chilli chicken rice. The food was amazing, I could almost say that it was the freshest bibimbap I have ever had. The KFC was yummy, and I loved the kimchee mayo it tasted like the mayo from Big Macs (hmm maybe kimchee is their secret mayo recipe). All in all the food was really good, filling but did not make you feel heavy and the price for all of that + two cokes and service charge was £30.





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