Love for Korean Food


My love for Korean food started at a restaurant my friend worked at called Bibigo in Angel. She used to get a heavy discount and she could bring friends. I was lucky enough to go multiple times and enjoy the amazing dishes.

The interior is beautiful, traditional with a modern spin and dimly lit. The seats were comfortable and the whole restaurant was very romantic.

My favourites: Korean chopped salad, Red Chicken (!!), Pajeon seafood pancake and traditional Bulgogi. The thing about Bibigo was that anyone I recommended it to loved it, I even ended up going there with my family and friends after graduating last summer.

Bibigo’s prices even without discount are reasonable, especially if you choose a set menu. But the portions are not big, so I would choose a side with mains.

They have two locations: Angel & Soho.


My love for Korean food continued at Asadal in Holborn. It was a random chance or fate as I would like to believe that we found a Korean place next to our new University.

Asadal from the outside looks unimpressive, possibly because it is right next door to Holborn station wedged between a takeaway Costa and the newsagents. But boy oh boy I am glad I did not let appearances deceive me. As soon as you walk down the stairs into the restaurant, it is like you stepped into another world. The decoration is traditional, nice with some Korean ornaments and with comfortable longer tables along the side and smaller tables for two in the middle.

The food…is amazing! This has to be my favourite Korean place in London! My go-to meals: beef bibimpbap with egg yolk (!!), beef bulgogi (which is cooked in front of you) with rice or/and Kan Poong Gi with rice.

The price/value is quite good, for two mains and cokes on the side, we usually pay around £38.

Location: Holborn, next to the station – you CANNOT miss it. Excellent for groups as well as just for two.

This place has become a Wednesday tradition for me, and I love how I can still walk past the next day and be hungry by the smell traveling out into the streets of Holborn.




My love for Korean food did not grow at Kimchee in Holborn. I had heard so many good things about Kimchee and it was right next door to my University (yes, Holborn is the place to be for Korean food) so I thought let me for once go there instead of Asadal. Maybe I did not enjoy it as much due to Asadal and my comparison to it, but I felt like Kimchee was nothing special and the food was far too westernized.

The interior is quite nice, again much of the same as the above two, however, the seating was uncomfortable with nothing to lean on and the stools themselves weighed so much I had trouble moving it so I squeezed myself in.

The food was okay, nothing special and as I said above too western to be authentically Korean. I had the Hot Pot Bulgogi, and though tasty it did not compare to the other two. Maybe I should go there and try something else, which I have no pre-emptive views on. I would definitely be willing to try it again as I everyone else seems to love it.

The price/value was good, again between £35-40.

Locations: Holborn and St Pancras (new).


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