Wing Wing

I tried out Wing Wing yesterday, a Korean chicken restaurant. The idea of the restaurant is to be a “‘chimaek” i.e. a chicken + beer (maekju) restaurant, a popular restaurant concept in America and Korea. We went in for the wings and the chicken bao buns, as Instagram seemed to have rave reviews.

The location is near Russel Square, which although a nice area near central felt secluded. It definitely felt more like you needed to know Wing Wing existed to find it there.

The interior of Wing Wing was simple, sort of a glorified take-out restaurant look. It got pretty packed when we were leaving, seemed comfortable for groups of friends, although would not recommend it for groups bigger than 8.

You can find the menu here: . We ordered signature wings (soy garlic), seaweed fries, katsu bao and chicken burger. We received buzzers after ordering our food and waited maybe 5 mins until the food was ready.

I liked the seaweed seasoning on the fries, although to me it did not taste too different to regular fries. The katsu bao was nice, but I am a fan of the Taiwanese soft baos and these were fried and quite crunchy.  I loved the chicken wings, although they could have been hotter – nothing a little sriracha sauce could not fix!

All in all, I enjoyed my meal and the fact that their drinks machine was from the Coca Cola company and NOT from the Pepsi Company (this is coming from a girl who stopped going to Subway after they changed their machines over to Pepsi company. I would not say it was worth the hype I read on Instagram and online though.


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