Skewd kitchen

1 hour 15 mins googlemaps said. Was it going to be worth it for one dinner at Skewd Kitchen

I had never been to cockfosters and had not really heard about restaurants there. To be honest looking at the restaurant from the outside I was not too impressed, but it all changed inside!

The interior was modern, dimly lit and comfortable. We were there as a group of 12, and we fit perfectly. 

As Skewd Kitchen serves Turkish-Mediterranean food, I expected it to be tasty but not the best in presentation as the portions are usually quite big and meaty which is not the easiest to present in an “instragrammable” way. However, they proved me wrong! Everyones food looked fancy as well as mouthwateringly tasty! They clearly put energy into presentation and even the basket that the bread came kept us entertained. 

The food itself was well cooked, seasoned and overall lovely! I had a halloumi starter which was really fresh. I had the Ali Nazik as main with a fragrant side salad and a creamy dip.  My favourite part was the side salad with my main – pomegranates and lamb – yes please! Lastly, I had sütlach as dessert, so creamy.

 To drink I had a traditional yogurt based drink called Ayran – yum!  

So was it worth it? YES.


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