When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…

That’s…NOT amore!

So I tried out this pizza place called Homeslice near Oxford Circus station yesterday. I was really craving a delicious, meaty and garlic oil infused pizza. 

Walking in my hopes were high, seeing the size of the pizza got them even higher and that smell..yum! 

The pizza menu was short, but there were options for everyone. We went with the lamb one and the anchovies one half and half. 

First slice, I thought this is nice. Third slice, I felt nauseous. Firstly, the flavours were forced, they sounded nice on the menu but did nothing on the pizza. The caramelised onions were too sweet, even after a heavy dose of chili oil! The lamb and anchovies was so sparce I could barely taste it.

The size of the pizza was huge, easily shareable between 2-4 people. But seeing the size, the tables could be bigger. 

The only good part was the pizza base – thin but not too thin and easily chewable. 

Overall, let me stick to Pizza Express!


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