Tommi’s Burger Joint

Yum. Convenient. Hipster heaven. Chill. 

Those are the words I would use to describe Tommi’s Burger Joint. I have been persuaded for months to give Tommi’s a go, but for some reason (now doubting sanity) I did not want to. I am glad that I saw the light *hunger* and ventured in this time. 

Tommi’s had a concept I haven’t seen in many other places. The menu was simple, and the burgers too, BUT you could add in as many condiments and garnishes you like after receiving your burger. I love my condiments, (I used to take McDonalds cheeseburgers home and put mustard and garlic in it). The meat was cooked beautifully and the fries were crispy golden. I added on mustard and bbq sauce to my classic burger and some cajun on the fries – amazing! I would not fault either. Best part is I did not feel disgusting afterwards either.

Tommi’s is also decorated in an unique way. The walls were chalkboards, music oldschool and the signs were colorful. The service was casual, we got to grab our own drinks from the fridge and no one asked me how my food was just as I took another mouthful. 

All in all a solid 9/10! 

menu from Tommi’s website!

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