Turkish breakfast

I absolutely love a good breakfast during the weekend. Weekdays I have a cup of coffee/tea and run out of the door to work, so a leisurely breakfast during the weekend feels like a luxury.

Finland or Bangladesh does not really have big special breakfasts, so when I was introduced to ‘English breakfast’ it is safe to say I was excited! The only problem is that it is difficult finding a Muslim friendly English breakfast, as it consists of sausage and bacon.

So you can imagine my sheer joy when I heard about ‘Turkish breakfast’. It sounded perfect with sucuk (sausage slices) that was not pork and an amazing amount of honey – I mean who does not like honey?! I have been dying to have Turkish breakfast, and a few months ago I had the opportunity to have a homemade one. It was amazing and just made me want it more! This Saturday I finally had the ultimate Turkish breakfast. We ordered a set breakfast that was for at least two, but to be honest even the four of us struggled to finish. The set we had was the mixed breakfast for two -> http://www.capital-restaurants.com/wp-content/uploads/BREAKFAST-MENU-EDMONTON.pdf

I don’t know what was my favourite – the colours, the tangy kick of sucuk,  the sweetness of kaymak (clotted cream description does not do it justice) or the combination of warm ekmek (bread) and bal (honey) infused butter. I cannot wait to have it much more frequently in the future.

English breakfast move over, you have nothing on the Turkish breakfast!

Turkish tea is amazing as well!



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