As I mentioned before, I like food markets. Actually, love food markets! The usual downsides are that they are extremely busy, and it’s nearly impossible to find a seat near the stall you choose to eat from.

So this Saturday we decided to try out Dinerama. The food market is open all year round, with heating and a roof during the winter months. It looks like an old warehouse, with food “trucks” on both sides and bars in the middle and on the first floor. The market has an entrance fee of £3 after 7pm, so I would recommend getting there before. I would also recommend getting there after 5pm, since many of the stalls were open but not serving before that. The good part of getting there before 7 is also finding seats, I recommend buying a drink from the upstairs area and taking the food there as it is less crowded, airy and unless you have a perfect balance – a table is much appreciated!

We tried out chicken bao buns from yum bun, which I thought were a 6/10 in comparison to buns I have had from other places ( a separate post will follow). We also had Chipuffalo Wings *buffalo wings* and cajun fries from Thunderbird – these were in my opinion a better investment!

Overall, Dinerama was nice, best between 5-7pm. However, I prefer food markets like Camden, more options, more spirit and although there is less seating available the food makes up for it. Would I go again? Maybe for the wings.



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