Happiness is finding a 10/10 burger

My friend and I have this pact, to find the perfect 10/10 burger. We have a feeling this burger will not be necessarily in the UK, but we are willing to give it a go. Since we started this quest we have been to countless burger places. Some were a grave mistake *Garfunkel’s* (but to give them some credit it isn’t a strictly burger restaurant, so you might find something else you like), while others left us wanting more *Meat Liquor*.

Anyway, we try to find a new place to try out every month. Yesterday we tried BRGR.Co and we had the cheeseburger with the hanger steak cooked medium with some cheesy fries (yum) and crunchy fries (basically regular skinny fries).

The overall rating we gave it was a 6.5/10. The location was the Soho branch, near enough both Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road stations.  The restaurant itself was dimly lit, air-conditioned (much appreciated during this heatwave) and the service was friendly. However, the burgers, in my opinion, lacked any excitement. The concept was nice enough with the relish on the side so you can put it inside your burger if you’d like. Makes it easy for my friend who doesn’t like tomatoes! But, that was the beginning and end of it really. The beef was nice, not amazing. The patty was soft, and bouncy which was nice. But there was no signature sauce, any special flavor which would’ve made me come back again. So overall the 6.5 is due to a nice, but semi-bland meal.


So this was not our 10/10 or even close. Our list keeps on growing, and I will be sharing our top 10 soon!





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