Breakfast, lunch, siesta, tapas, dinner

What's better than 3 meals a day? 4! 5! 6.. okay you see where I'm going with this. Some things that Spanish people seem to do the best is relax, enjoy and eat. So obviously I needed to go to Spain. I've been to Madrid before, and the tapas was amazing, I remember this soup... Continue Reading →

Mowgli – Liverpool

Over Easter I went for a long weekend to Liverpool. My main aim was to relax, eat loads of food some more! I was lucky to have a long list of recommendations on where to eat, and the number 1 option I chose for the first night was Mowgli.¬† Mowgli describes itself as serving... Continue Reading →

Khan’s Indian Restaurant

By the lack of posts in November you would think I was on a diet, but alas no such luck I have eaten a lot and not managed to post due to new job, new gym and a holiday! I have few posts saved up, soon to come a Christmas market post! But before that... Continue Reading →

Sappho Meze Bar

The first time I had a meal out in London which was not take-away was Sappho Meze Bar - Greek place in Clapham North, hidden away, not really impressive looking from outside..but definitely an experience worth the while! Sappho's does not have a menu. Yep, you heard me. Huge chalkboards cover the two walls of... Continue Reading →

Meal Prep Sunday

Lately, I have been inspired to meal prep for the week at least for lunches. This inspiration has derived from having to journey further for work i.e. wake up earlier and go to bed earlier meaning I do not have too much time in the evenings to cook for the next day. The current workplace... Continue Reading →


So anyone who has looked at my Instagram or read my posts or simply talked to me knows my love for Korean food. I already listed the three that I have been to, which I quite liked. But now I found a new one - Bibimbap! This place I pass every day on my way... Continue Reading →

BAO – is it worth the queue?

I have been meaning to go to BAO ever since I first tried bao buns at Camden, mainly because whenever I searched for top 10 Bao buns in London, BAO always came first. I heard that there is a queue going into BAO, so I was pleasantly¬†surprised when we managed to grab the last two... Continue Reading →

Love for Korean Food

BIBIGO My love for Korean food started at a restaurant my friend worked at called Bibigo in Angel. She used to get a heavy discount and she could bring friends. I was lucky enough to go multiple times and enjoy the amazing dishes. The interior is beautiful, traditional with a modern spin and dimly lit.... Continue Reading →

Wing Wing

I tried out Wing Wing yesterday, a Korean chicken restaurant. The idea of the restaurant is to be a "'chimaek" i.e. a chicken + beer (maekju) restaurant, a popular restaurant concept in America and Korea. We went in for the wings and the chicken bao buns, as Instagram seemed to have rave reviews. The location... Continue Reading →

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